The World Is On Fire!

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The World Is On Fire!

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:20 pm

File 1: Chasing

This idea came when I got bored out of my mind on the bus and cornered Clovis to tell me a good plot. He then started ripping off ideas from some shows and video games until I get implying he can use people from the class. The results? A mess. Well, I wanted a plot, and he gave me one I’ll regret for life ^^
(BTW, since it was Valentines Day a few days ago, I’m a bit hyper for finishing out my chocolate box Razz )
— -_- —
This story takes place in many years later…

Eric was drinking some coffee as he looked up at the rising sun. The day started off as boring as it can ever be… where is all the excitement?

Delila was on her morning stroll throughout the entire community. She has received friendly waves from neighbors and HI’s from people visiting, but all of the calmness has stopped abruptly as she passed by Eric’s house. Eric saw her and leaped into action. And I really mean LEAP, he just jumped through the window, ignoring the sharp shards that blocked his path. Delila yelped in surprise as she ran through the park behind Eric’s house.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Clovis were walking along the very park, chatting about past experiences. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. And through the power of family friends (Zero) he somehow managed to do so. Just then, the two heard a cry. Sadly, it wasn’t Eric nor Delila, but some random kid. Why does he look so familiar? Oh right! He was Seth, Yoko’s younger brother. Clovis remembered that when they were young, he used to call Seth: Zepplin, Seth’s middle name. It was meant to tease him, but it seems like Seth has gotten used to the name. Seth was practically screaming, running to every direction. Ironically, Seth ran straight towards Clovis and Rosa as they collided with a bump. Clovis and Rosa groaned, and Clovis managed to get up first.
“Zepplin! What are you screaming about!” demanded Clovis. Seth was panting and sweating bullets as he made the ground beneath him a bit more damp.
“Some… Man… was… chasing… some… lady… and… ” Seth took a deep breath and let it all out. “They are running everywhere.” Rosa shot Seth a weird look.
“It seems like they’re running, but does that explain why you’re doing it too?” asked Rosa as she lifted an eyebrow. Seth really did seem to consider this.
“Huh, you’re right. Thanks.” and with that, Seth left without another word. Just then, Delila passed by them, running like the wind, while Eric chased Delila, like lion versus prey. Delila and Seth has received looks from everyone, including Clovis, Rosa, and people just walking around the park.

As the chase of Eric versus Delila continued, Delila miraculously dodged John, who was just enjoying himself, listening to an MP3 Player. Sadly, Eric didn’t had that sort of last minute adrenaline, and nearly trampled all over John. Clovis thought is was a miracle that his MP3 Player isn’t broken as Eric quickly excused himself as Eric’s and Delila’s chase continued. Then, just out of nowhere, Alexandra came to the scene with Nayden and began to taunt John, sticking out her tongue. This irritates John as a second chase issued. Yet unlike the one with Delila and Eric where it’s Lion vs. prey, but the one with Alexandra and John seemed more of a Poacher vs. target. Delila dodged the things that blocked her way with great difficulty, while Alexandra seemed to swing right through it with ease. Eric made sharp turns and runs right away without a second thought, as John searched for the places Alexandra may be hiding.

Nayden practically sweat dropped at the scene of the two chases and after grabbing three juices, she offers two to Clovis and Rosa as they watched silently the match, slurping away their delicious fruit goodies.


I wonder who DID won the chase. Ah well, that topic is sadly out of the game. See ya on the next file, though.


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File 2: Cookie!

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:21 pm

File 2: Cookie!

I got this idea when Yoko demanded a cracker and got angered because Eric lied Smile

— — —

Many growls from many unhappy stomachs were heard on the back of the bus. What were the cause of these growls? Four kids whom are starving. Why are they? Because some punk decided it would be a fun game to steal all of the 5K’s lunchboxes. The punk hasn’t been caught yet. Nayden was doing her ‘staring at the window’ daydreaming process though it was hard to concentrate, Clovis was trying to sleep in the gap between seats, and Yoko was on her back, feeling bumps as the bus goes. Yoko moaned, a hungry Yoko was definitely not a happy Yoko.

Just then, Yoko smelled a sweet scent from a bakery. Sitting down straighten a bit, Yoko saw the cause of the beautiful aroma. It was coming from Eric, who was holding… IS THAT A COOKIE?! Yoko stared in disbelief as her mouth began to water. Trembling slightly, she spoke.
“I-I-Is that… A cookie..?” Yoko nearly drooled when she said cookie. Eric noticed Yoko and nodded.
“W-Where in the world did… did you get that?!” asked Yoko. Eric seemed to grin.
“I just remembered that I kept a cookie in my pocket.” explained simply Eric.
“Can I have it?” asked Yoko.
“No!” exclaimed Eric, jerking away his precious cookie. This has awoken Clovis, snapped Nayden out of her daydreams, and stopped Zero from listening some music on his MP3 Player. They then were all looking at Eric and the watering Yoko.
“GIVE. ME. THE. COOKIE.” demanded sternly Yoko. Eric shook his head.
“No way! It’s mines!” said Eric.
“GIMME THE COOKIE!” yelled Yoko.
“Hey! How about this; You give me the cookie and this whole argument is over.” reasoned Zero.
“NO!” Zero received piercing glares from the four kids in 5K. He sweat dropped. “Guess not…” he muttered, resuming to listen to music on his MP3 Player. Now, Clovis began to plead for the cookie while Nayden listened to the argument, yet never laid her eyes off the cookie. This, agitated Yoko. So, before anyone could blink, she snatched the cookie from Eric’s hands and began to shove it into her mouth, with many trails of crumbs on her face, hands, and floor. Nayden looked away in disgust, while Eric and Clovis watched wide-eyed and wide-mouthed.

As Yoko finished the last of her biscuit, she grinned.
“HA! How’s that for a change!” grinned Yoko. Clovis went back to sleep, trying to forget what just happened while Eric groaned that he didn’t had any food.


Woopee! Another file of: THE WORLD IS ON FIRE! is done! Even I wonder what the next file would bring!

This may be short, but I didn’t had much to say about this file.


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File 3: Sugar Rush

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:22 pm

File 3: Sugar Rush

Inspired by:
Sugarhigh By: Teah no kitsune
— — — — — — — — —

Today the class is going to have a replacement teacher in english class, which only today it was arranged as the first period. The teacher wrote his name on the board, it said: Mr. Robrin-garsu (Pronounced garrshu). Mr. Robrin-garsu saw our tired faces, begin to ponder for a while, then decided he should serve us some chocolate. He made it with his own recipe and wants us to try it.

That was a grave mistake.

Our normal teacher walked in the classroom, and nearly fainted. His class were like monkeys! Nayden, Alexandra, Yoko and Chayan were breaking the laws of gravity by running haywire on the ceiling and walls plus Clovis, Deron, Tristan and Nashu were on the group, pushing away desks, kicking ‘em, lifting ‘em, and all sorts of impossible things. Where are the rest of the people. Oh no… please tell don’t tell me… Mr. Kurt turned around after witnessing some fast movement behind him. The figure appeared again and Kurt saw it this time. It was Glori skating with sponges on her feet! That means the rest…

Kurt hurried to the gym, and his eyes opened wide.
All around him, were children playing sponge hockey or using the hockey sticks as swords.

People believe Kurt peed in his pants.

~The end!


Okay, I know this is short, but halfway through, my mom called me for something and I ate chocolate pudding. Now I am in a sugar rush Razz


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File 4: Ladies First, I insist!

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:24 pm

File 4: Ladies First, I insist!

A couple of days ago, the class 5K were learning about batteries. Each group has received a battery and a wire. Nayden had suddenly a bad feeling as the teacher said:
“Ladies first” She glanced at the person she was forced to pair up with. Her name was London. Nayden and London were the only group with two girls. Nayden insisted London should go first, since “Ladies first” is usually a good thing… right? Oh man was she wrong. London was being quite a coward, insisting Nayden should go first. Nayden sighed in defeat as she followed the instructions. Let’s see…
“First put the wire on the + side of the battery. Then put the end of the wire on the – side. After that, press your two fingers on both the + and – then–” Mr. Kurt had no chance to continue as the class was filled with cries from the girls. Nayden idly wondered why were they screaming “AAAAAH!!!” but she had her answer soon enough as she pressed her two fingers against the – and +. A very, very hot sensation was emitted through her fingers, as she let go of the batteries in surprise. (THAT BATTERY IS A CURSE! IT WAS NEW MEANING MORE ENERGY!!!) She dropped the battery with a ‘thud’ and fortunately for many people, she didn’t scream.

Later on, the battery the teacher was using as an example was low on batteries.
The boys laughed at the girls’ priceless faces
Nayden shouted the teacher wants them electrocuted
Clovis ate some cheese he stole from Jayne

The end! xD
(Everything is true except for the Clovis ate cheese part)


This story was sent to my friend who was having a vacation in Hawaii then the vacation just had to go bad with the tsunami. I hope she enjoys me getting burned to death!

See ya later, folks!


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Remake of File 1: Chasing (Told by the Platypus Series Maker)

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:27 pm

Remake of File 1: Chasing (Told by the Platypus Series Maker)

To make sure no one is confused, File 1 of ‘The World Is On Fire’ was The Platypus Series Maker’s idea. He just said he wanted a story with Eric chasing Delila. Well now, he thought of the idea and developed it, and now it’s more different than mines.It’s well… his style of the story I suppose. So let’s just say this is Clovis’ version of WOF: File 1. Yeah… that’s much simpler. Let’s leave it like that.


One day in the future, Eric was a hobo and Delila married some man. As Delila and her husband strolled down the local city, Eric spotted them.

“Delila? Is that you?” asked Eric with excited under tones.
“Who are you?” asked Delila, voice sharp and attentive.
“It’s me! Eric!” introduced Eric. Delila visibly calmed down.
“Oh, Eric. Too bad but I’m a married woman.” explained Delila. Delila’s husband grew mad of this Eric and began to chase the poor hobo with a shoe.

Just then, Clovis and Rosa were passing by as they spotted the three.
“What are they doing?” asked Rosa.
“Who knows.” said Clovis as the two watched the scene before them.

Just then, John entered the scene.
“Hey Eric!” and with that, John left. (How useless >.<Wink

After John’s departure, Delila’s husband finally managed to hit Eric, effectively killing him. And so, Delila’s husband was charged for murder, which almost nobody really did seem to care about the disappearance of the hobo.

At the grave, Nayden offered her deceased classmate a cupcake… with sprinkles! Letting out a huge yawn, Nayden then left the grave.

Hm… That’s right. A friend of hers from Japan was the one who gave her the recipe, though she never tried it. What was her name..? Oh yeah, Kage Koizumi (Does Koizumi sound familiar? He he he… I’ll tell you who she is later)

Many years later, Delila’s husband was freed from jail and Eric was revived as a ghost that can touch objects on earth. Eric then spotted the cupcake, though rotten, he ate it. Suddenly, he turned into a weenie. (I know you’re like: WHAT THE?! WHY A WEENIE OF ALL THINGS? But I advise you it’s best not to ask Razz ) Eric then headed towards Delila’s house.

Spotting the house, he flung the door open to reveal Delila and her husband eating. Eric then killed them both, finally having his revenge.

Yet life is never perfect.

Some random stranger spotted the door open and after seeing this huge weenie (Eric) he ate Eric into pieces.

Many years earlier, just after Nayden gave a cupcake to Eric’s grave, Nayden received a phone call from Kage Koizumi.
“Nayden, did I by chance gave you the blue cupcake sprinkle special?” asked Kage.
“Yeah, why?” asked Nayden.
“Did you made any?” asked Kage, worry filled her voice.
“I made one, but I put it on the grave of my friend” replied Nayden. A sigh of relief was heard on the other end of the phone.
“Good, cause I gave you the wrong cupcake! Can you send back the recipe by mail and I’ll send you the one you’re suppose to get? It’s the green cupcake with chocolate chips that grants people luck, not the blue cupcake.”
“Sure, I’ll send it right away. Anyway, what does the blue cupcake do?”
“… You do not want to know.”


I had fun on the last paragraph, ha ha… It turns people into weenies! Woot. Anyway, Koizumi is the last name of Akako. You know? The witch in Magic Kaito? Yeah, that Akako. And I have to admit, other than all of the killings, this story is pretty good ^^ I know! I’ll send it to the Platypus Series’ Maker. I wonder what Clovis-kun has to say to this… story… sort of story Razz


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File 5: Kitty BirthdayFile

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:29 pm

File 5: Kitty Birthday

Me and Clovis-kun got the same idea at the exact same time after I wrote a bonus comic… I got a few ideas of his in, so I have to forcefully say that The Platypus Series has the share in the credits… Why must there be copyrights… On second thought, don’t answer me.

Anyways, this is kind of a sequel to WOF: File 1 remake. Why? Cause Kage’s in it.



After Nayden and Kage baked some cupcakes using Kage’s secret recipe, Nayden remembered it was Yoko’s birthday. Grabbing the nearest cupcake she could find, she walked to Yoko’s house. Knocking on the door, Yoko answered it.
“Hi Yoko! Here’s a late b0day present!” exclaimed Nayden.
“A cupcake? Cool. Thanks!” said Yoko. And with that, she ate the cupcake.

But people forgets that Kage is a witch’s daughter.

“Oops…” was the word that came from Nayden’s mouth as she stared at Yoko… Let’s see, what are the changes? Hm… Well, Yoko’s just kinda smaller, and much more furrier… and her eyes turned rounder… and she kept on purring… Um… There’s nothing wrong with her at all?
“Note to self: Do not bake with Kage” thought Nayden as Yoko was staring at her. At first, Yoko wondered why everything was so big, but when a ‘meow’ escaped her mouth, she thought the world has just gotten caught on fire. HOW DID SHE TURN INTO A KITTEN?! Yoko glared at her suspect who was laughing nervously.

Suddenly, Clovis appeared into the scene. Why was he here anyway? To say ‘happy birthday’, to just say ‘hello’, to announce the world is officially on fire? Or maybe to get back his puppet platypus– Oh no. Didn’t the puppet exploded yesterday while Nayden left it in her friend’s care? Great! Now she has two problems to deal with!

End of Flashback.

Clovis gasped as he saw Yoko.
“NAYDEN!!” Clovis blamed, “DID YOU JUST TURNED YOKO INTO A KITTEN?!” Nayden blinked. How did HE know that was Yoko? No time to think about that, though.
“Not my fault!” Nayden shouted back, “I was baking with Kage and I thought of giving Yoko a birthday present!”
“Don’t you know better than to bake with a witch’s daughter?”
Yoko really did want to interrupt the conversation so they can find a cure for her form, but the only thing she managed to do were ‘meows’. Hey… didn’t kittens have claws? Small ones, yes, but still claws! After making the claws appearing from her paws, Yoko leaped and charged towards Nayden, hoping to scratch her.

Unfortunately, Yoko missed because now Nayden and Clovis were in a full on battle, struggling to get each others’ vital points. So instead, Yoko landed on a certain someone.
“AAACK!!!” shouted a familiar voice. (No, it’s not Eric. I think we tortured him enough in the remake of File 1 thank you very much) All humans that were in a human form turned around to see Chayan of all people getting scratched by Yoko.
“WHY IS THIS KITTEN ATTACKING ME?!” asked Chayan. Nayden muffled a laugh as she replied.
“That’s Yoko, for your information.” explained Nayden.
“How can humans turn into animals?” asked Chayan.
“Hey, the world has been on fire, so why can’t human undergo transformations?” asked Nayden, staring accusingly at Clovis.
“How did the world get on fire?!” asked Chayan.
“Um! Changing topic! How are we going to turn Yoko back into a human?” asked Clovis.
“I know! I’ll contact Kage…” started Nayden. DRIING!! Nayden grabbed her cellphone, flipped it open, then began to talk.
“Nayden! Did I left the red cupcake at your house?” It was Kage.
“Yeah, why?”
“Sorry to bother you, but DON’T eat it. I’m at the edge of Karugari, so–”
“Too late”
“You ate it?! But why–”
“I gave it as a birthday present”
“… Where are you?”
“Um… I think it was called 754 Matinde ludorabu–” started Nayden.
“It’s 731 Matinde rudoraibu.” interrupted Clovis, looking at the street sign.
“Yeah, what he said. 754 Matinde rudoraibu.”
“Matinde? That’s close! I’ll be there in… let’s say five minutes?”
“That close? Awesome! See ya in five mins!”
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Five minutes later…

“So this is Yoko?” asked Kage suspiciously, staring at the poor little kitten/human. Yoko nodded.
“Well, to get a cure, I would need a string, a silver wire and two strings. I already have the kitten blood and Shokubutsu Plant.” said Kage.
“You know, we could always use a–” started Clovis. Too late. Nayden already bolted away to gather the items.
“何クロービスを使用しますか?Kurobisu, what do we use?” asked Kage.
“My cheese.” answered Clovis.
“Ch-Cheese?! Kurobisu, Anata wa shōkidesu ka?! Are you insane?!”
“No. Now stop speaking Japanese, you’re confusing me. Anyway, this cheese has special powers. Each bite grants one wish!”
“Oh? That’s… interesting. Where’s the cheese.”
“Right here!” and in thin air, cheese appeared in the center of Clovis’ palm. Clovis then fed the kitten cheese, and suddenly Yoko appeared replacing the kit out of nowhere!
“Should we warn Nayden Yoko’s back to normal?” asked Chayan.
“Nah, let’s let her suffer.” chose Clovis.
“She’s the author of the story, you know she’s watching us.” said Kage calmly. When she noticed her slip and that everyone in the area was staring at her, she quickly muttered some words with anxiousness as the world grew white.

“What happened?” wondered everyone as they look around. They were in Martinde’s park. Why are they here? Is it that late already?! Quickly, the three classmates made their way to their respective homes, wondering what happened last.

It’s a good thing Kage had her forgetting spell. Or else who’d known what happened to Nayden. Hey… where is Nayden?

Nayden typed up on her laptop then smiled at her work. One last whisper was heard before the story ended…

Target sighted


Oh no! I made myself evil! Hm… I suppose I have to make another file to the series… This is pretty long… Actually, it’s not very long. But If you look at it in my opinion it’s long. 1000+ words. Goodbye!

This is Vault1412 signing out! Sayonara!
Oh yeah, Chilly_Lizard would too, but he’s not here ^^


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File 6: Picking Up The Pace

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:31 pm

File 6: Picking Up The Pace

Wow, this was suppose to be a series with random stories. But now there’s a PLOT!! I hate you plot bunnies, even if you’re bunnies and bunnies are one of my favorite animals.



This is in John’s POV! Yay for another character’s POV!

Coincidence, coincidence…

Who’d trip over a sniper rifle case WITH the sniper inside of it in a seemingly random park? Well, John apparently did as he took the sniper with him. He grinned as he thought of one word: Revenge. Revenge on who? His classmate named Deron. He’s the most popular boy in class, and is quite a cheater in many games. Well, right now John couldn’t list ALL of the reasons why revenge was necessary, because he’s quite busy in his plan to assassinate Deron.

Inside the case was five bullets, a silencer, and ooh, a scope. Attaching the, well, attachments on the sniper rifle was pretty easy, and after inserting the ammo, John looked through his scope. He tried to get used to the heavy weight of the gun and after he perfected it, he was set up on some white, round, huge building that stored water. Obviously a water storage. Hm… Deron’s in the empty fields with all those hay? What is he doing there? Ah well, time to shoot. Adjusting his scope, John aimed for Deron’s body. Just then, Deron turned to his direction. John was surprised that he accidentally let go of the trigger, making a muffled bullet noise thanks to the silencer, then piercing through the wind and onto Deron’s head. Deron fell back and lay motionless on the ground, with blood– uh… ugh… Eww… I… I don’t want to describe it thank you very much. That was a powerful bullet and it wasn’t it THAT long of a distance. I think the bullet went through his head and… I don’t wanna talk about it.
“HEADSHOT BABY!!” cheered John. John then noticed a black device laying near Deron and decided to take a closer look at it.

When he did, noise emitted from the strange black device.
“Hello? Kid? Unmei’s assistant? Helloo..? Geez, naughty kids these days! Not answering their–”
“Who’s that?!” asked John, glaring at the device. John could just sense the tension at the other side of the black device.
“…Where’s Deron?” the device finally spoke.
“dead” John replied immediately, shifting his head to the lifeless body.
“D-Dead?! Oh no… I won’t hear the end of it from Unmei–”
“Who’s Unmei?” demanded John. But just then, the screen on the black device flickered white a couple of times, and in bloody red, it said: Shutting down. All applications are off. Deletion complete. Goodbye.

John saw as the screen flickered black and it seems as if it was just plastic. But John knew better than that as he grabbed the black device and put it in his pocket just in time before someone behind him spoke.
“What are you doing?” In surprise, John turned around to see Nayden. Fortunately, John left his “equipment” on the water storage.
“Nothing” replied John, raising his hands to “prove his innocence.”
“Um… kk? Why is there red all over the place?” asked Nayden.
“I, uh, spilled paint?” offered John.
“Good enough!” chirped Nayden, “by the way, what was that black thing?” asked Nayden.
“It’s was nothing!” replied John, perhaps a bit too fast since Nayden started to eye on him suspiciously.
“Uh… alright. Oh, and can you give this letter to Clovis? Some random stranger on the street said to give it to the warrior with a major case of addiction. The major case of addiction gives him away easily (He likes platypuses, puppets, and Naruto A LOT) and I searched Clovis on the internet one day when I got bored, and it turned out Clovis’ name means warrior.” explained Nayden.
“Okay sure.” replied John as he took the letter. On the front with printed letters it said: To the warrior with a major case of addiction. How funny.

When he reached to Clovis’ house, Clovis was doing… something. Clovis told him he was remaking his puppet cause the last one exploded. Understanding flooded John’s face before Clovis read the letter out loud:

Dear Warrior,

A line connecting from you and the target has been done,
To stop corruption in our eyes we must cross out the line,
No matter what comes along with it.

Just having this line mean having another line connecting to us.
We’ve been watching you for quite awhile now. You’re wariness told us you knew. But no move was made.
We will proceed our mission, even if that means to destroy things that makes life enjoyable.

Nothing will ever be the same, one fatal mistake caused by you will kill your friends, family, classmates, and things much worse.
This is our rules… would you like to play?


Long story short:
John wanted revenge on Deron and after finding an assassination weapon he used it on Deron and Deron is now gone from this world. In the process of the attack, John discovered a black object Deron had. A voice spoke and mentioned Deron was Unmei’s assistant… but who’s Unmei?

Nayden then said she’s got a letter that’s for Clovis and wanted John to deliver it. But when John delivered it and read the message… (read the italic words in the story at the end)

Author’s Last Words Before The File Ends:
This story is… interesting. This is actually pouring in some of my true writing styles. Also, don’t blame me for not knowing what kind of sniper rifle it is >.<; I am a girl and I am NOT a COD fan thank you very much. I have little info about what snipers are and such because my brother wants me to play COD. *sighs* Goodbye!


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File 7: A Pokemon Battle In The Chatbox

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:33 pm

File 7: A Pokemon Battle In The Chatbox

Quick Author’s note:
Ace (Vault1412) and Joshua (xparticle) did a pokemon battle. Vault1412′s real name is Trisha (me!) Joshua’s real name is Mark.
We did a pokemon battle via a chat box. This is what happened around the end of the battle.

xparticle (6:47:43 PM): Over 300 dmg

vault1412 (6:47:46 PM): I die

xparticle (6:47:47 PM): did it miss?
xparticle (6:47:59 PM): ok
xparticle (6:48:05 PM): do you have more pokemon?

vault1412 (6:48:28 PM): Coordinator Ace throws her pokeball at Joshua, hoping to catch him. If I do, then I have more pokemon! xD

xparticle (6:48:41 PM): beep
xparticle (6:48:42 PM): beep
xparticle (6:48:43 PM): bepp
xparticle (6:48:45 PM): DING!
xparticle (6:48:53 PM): DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DUM!
xparticle (6:49:14 PM): you successfully caught Human
xparticle (6:49:22 PM): give nickanme to caught Human?

vault1412 (6:49:27 PM): YES!!
vault1412 (6:49:36 PM): I name him… Mark

xparticle (6:49:58 PM): All of Elite Trainer’s Joshua Pokemon are in a rampage!

vault1412 (6:50:12 PM): Now I have more pokemon (*cough* human *cough*) to fighthe charizard… oh no, they are in rampage!

xparticle (6:50:19 PM): Bisharp, Hydreigon and Charizard are on a loose

vault1412 (6:50:28 PM): Um… *Summons out Mark*
vault1412 (6:50:30 PM): Do something!

xparticle (6:50:50 PM): mark uses CHIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vault1412 (6:50:57 PM): LOL

xparticle (6:51:08 PM): Hydreigon, Charizard and Bisharp fainted!

vault1412 (6:51:09 PM): Did it work? xD

xparticle (6:51:14 PM): Trainer Ace Wins!

vault1412 (6:51:15 PM): O.o
vault1412 (6:51:36 PM): Um… I defeated my own pokemon? Ace defeats Mark

xparticle (6:51:59 PM): now your just not making any sense

vault1412 (6:52:06 PM): YAY
vault1412 (6:52:14 PM): I beat my pokemon in a pokemon battle

xparticle (6:52:35 PM): A WILD PETA HAS ARRIVED!

vault1412 (6:52:45 PM): Peta?

xparticle (6:52:47 PM): PETA USES LAWSUIT!

vault1412 (6:53:40 PM): GASP
vault1412 (6:53:52 PM): This sucks!


vault1412 (6:54:50 PM): Trisha steals her pokemon back and runs away!
vault1412 (6:54:58 PM): No, I mean ACE stole
vault1412 (6:55:03 PM): I will never steal

xparticle (6:55:10 PM): Can’t Escape!

vault1412 (6:55:16 PM): WTF?!

xparticle (6:55:29 PM): PETA uses law enforcement

vault1412 (6:55:35 PM): NOOOOOOOOOO


vault1412 (6:55:52 PM): Trainer ACE was arrested
vault1412 (6:56:04 PM): Trainer Trisha is too busy eating cheese to care


I like cheese. Goodbye Smile


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File 8: The Kidnap

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:34 pm

File 8: The Kidnap

I’m using Clovis’ POV for this story! So, um, enjoy. The people in the shadows are now making their first move.


It was Sunday. Clovis decided to walk around. That was a grave mistake.

A sweetly scented napkin was placed over Clovis’ mouth. (Chloroform FTW!!) Clovis noticed he was stuffed into some sack before falling unconscious.

As Clovis awoke, he didn’t really felt anything different. Looking around, he noted he’s in a small locked up room. Walking around, he bumped over some sort of open can of something. Well, whatever it was, it dissolves the ground below. Jumping inside the hole, Clovis saw the exit. A piercing alarm then began to sound everywhere! He must of stepped on some sort of trigger! Panicked, Clovis ran for his life, not paying much attention to where he’s going.

Relief flooded Clovis’ face as he spotted his home. The darkness seemed like nothing with a few stars in the sky and the moon reflecting the sun. Clovis decides to go to sleep immediately. He’ll never wake up in time for school. Thinking back, his mother will probably be mad at him for staying away from home so late. Going inside, he hasn’t spotted a single worry face. They might be sleeping..? Sleep. That at least is what HE needs.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Clovis woke up to face the ceiling. Sleepily scrambling onto his feet, he checked the time: 7:10 AM. 7:10?! He’s going to be late if he doesn’t hurry up! Rushing downstairs, he noticed the lack of his brother and his mother. Where are they?! Clovis glanced at his table and spotted a note.

You’ve escaped
Now your family’s taken
Isn’t life fair?
(Insert a grinning face here)

Clovis could of stayed there, motionless at the letter, rereading it over and over again, until he remembered it was a school day and that he’s going to be LATE. Glancing at the clock, time wasn’t at his side. Making a quick toast, putting on some clothes, grabbing his backpack, and rushing to the door and at his bus stop while still having his toast in his mouth, he somehow made it. But he got confused stares from his family friend.
“You haven’t finished breakfast? And WOAH! Did you even SLEPT last night?” asked Nayden. Clovis was so focused on the note he forgot all about how TIRED he was. Munching on his toast, Clovis let out an exhausted groan as he turned away and tried to sleep.

School came and went as normal as it can get, and as the second last stop came by, Nayden poked Clovis.
“Why were you so sleepy today? Also, you didn’t even finished your breakfast! Were you busy or something?” asked Nayden. Clovis knew Nayden was suspicious for WAY to long. He has been thinking about the letter that he couldn’t think straight, so the confused glances he kept feeling in class was probably from her. Not like he paid much attention to those glances.
“Uh, long story sort: I was kidnapped, I escaped, they know who I am, they took my family away from me, I can’t think straight, blah blah blah, goodbye.” and with that, Clovis looked away and back to a window, leaving Nayden to register what he just said. When she did, her exclamation was surprising.
“YOU WERE KIDNAPPED AND YOU DON’T CARE?!” exclaimed Nayden, waking up Eric.
“Wah..?” Eric asked, looking at Clovis and Nayden.
“Clovis doesn’t care about kidnappings” said simply Nayden, voice sounding as if she accused someone.
“Oh, okay.” and with that, Eric fell back asleep. Nayden glanced at Clovis; he’s asleep too. She banged her head against the window. SHE WANTS ANSWERS BADLY!!

Back at home, Clovis was fairly happy. The event of his family was really depressing, but now he’s made another platypus puppet! And this time they don’t explode when he says Explode and Cheese!

Going outside, Clovis brought along his new puppet. Maybe he should show Nayden a thing or two for exploding his first two puppets. But on his way, he spotted a person with a black hood on the person’s head, running past. Something’s familiar with the person… but he can’t just put his finger on it. So Clovis decides to follow him.

That was another grave mistake. Congratulations, Clovis! You just made your personal best record of two VERY GRAVE mistakes in a span of two days! Hurray!

The figure led Clovis into an open field. The person then began to spoke:
“In a world of peace and unity, folks like you and I create destruction. That was when the Shadow Group is invented. They have many groups in many goals. Our part of the group? To use DNA and learn more about it. Mix it with animals, create a duplicate–” the figure froze at that word.
“Well, we specialize in weaponry and stealth. Also…” the figure was swift as he clutched his arm Clovis. The figure then started to take off his hood…

“There cannot be two Clovis’ in this world”


Oh yeesh! Now I’m making it plain obvious! But then again, there are other twists to come, and now I’m wondering why aren’t I in bed– it’s 10:40 PM! Today’s a school day. Well, Sayonara I suppose. I hope I see you readers next time!


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File 9: Two

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:35 pm

File 9: Two

“There cannot be two Clovis’ in this world” Clovis looked up at the person who said that phrase. He removed his hood. Two identical figures stared at each other. One of them surprised, the other smirking like he’s just won a game.
“That’s..! Creepy..?” Clovis couldn’t define his expressions right now. His clone then gripped onto his arm very painfully that Clovis felt his arm exploding. Remembering he had a puppet, Clovis with his available arm began to move his fingers, controlling some part of the platypus. Carefully maneuvering his fingers, he made his platypus strike a punch on the clone’s belly. The clone seemed surprised of the platypus, but kept his guard up as he let go of the Clovis’ arm and dodged the platypus’ attack. Clovis was relieved as he felt blood flowing through his veins normally again.

Suddenly, Nashu came by, saw the clones, then hurried home.

Since Clovis wasn’t dumb and knew the clone would just stand there defensively like he did, Clovis sent out his platypus to strike a punch at him. Amazingly (or perhaps not), the clone mirrored his movements as he summoned his platypus. The way they made their platypus do the exact thing was the tough part. How can they defeat an opponent who mirror’s their movements?!

Just then, Nashu came back with a bag of buttered popcorn and a soda. He began slurping on his soda, munching on his popcorn, then began to call many numbers on his cellphone he brought.

The battle continued with Clovis and the clone shooting poison darts from their puppets. Each advanced, each backed up, the timing was perfect.

The more time the battle was, the more of an audience their battle has become. So far every classmate besides Nayden came. Each with their own bag of popcorn and a soda. They probably thought this was just some show and that they were pretending and it’s rehearsed.

Clovis’ puppet stroke an upper punch, and the clone mimicked his movements by making his puppet strike and upper punch. The two opponents then approached closer to each other as the puppets tried to fight each other restlessly. As the two Clovis’ were within arm length, Chayan shouted.
“NICE SHOW CLOVIS!! YOU GUYS ARE MIRRORING EACH OTHER’S MOVEMENTS PERFECTLY!!” shouted Chayan. This, distracted Clovis for just a couple of very short seconds as he registered what was the statement. Just for only A FEW milliseconds he let his guard down, the other clone took advantage of that. Whatever Chayan said didn’t really matter to him, the clone doesn’t know him. With the tiny milliseconds he had, the clone strike a punch on Clovis’ stomach hard. Clovis fell back, knees on the ground. Ready to drop soon, since that punch was VERY HARD.

It was then Clovis remembered something. What has cause his puppets to explode? That’s right… You have to say explode and cheese. Since the kidnap was BEFORE Clovis made the adjustments, logically speaking…
“Explode… and Cheese.” Clovis said weakly, lungs hurting him. His thinking worked. To the clone’s surprised, his puppet has exploded and unfortunately for him, right when the clone was examining it for any broken parts. What made him even unluckier was the fact that one of the cheese that was falling from the sky hit straight on his head, making him unconscious. Many cheese joined it, and so the clone was buried in cheese alive. He was finally gone.

“What did I miss?!” asked a familiar voice. Everyone turned to the source. It was Nayden.
“Your late. You missed the freakish fight between two Clovis’!” exclaimed Blythe. Nayden smiled and laughed as if something ironic has happened. Looking over at Clovis, she saw him clutching his stomach, and decided to call the ambulance.

Clovis’ injuries weren’t really bad. Just a punch on his stomach. It kinda affected his lungs, though. Tests were shown he digested Chloroform around some time yesterday. That kinda sucks for him. Luckily, luck was on his side as the chloroform didn’t seemed to really affect him too much as he was out of the hospital the day after the grand fight between clones.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Around the time Clovis was sent to the hospital, John was checking the odd device that was beside Deron at his death. Just then, nosy as ever Nayden popped up and asked what’s the device for.
“Um, I ‘found it’ somewhere, and it was talking about someone called Unmei. But then it shut down–” John stopped explaining as he saw Nayden’s face turned pale at the word Unmei. But when John stopped explaining, color suddenly came back to Nayden’s face as if it was never pale.
“Did you know? Unmei is a Japanese Kanji word for Destiny! There are many others, like Shizen for nature, Kami for God, Seimei for life, Bushi for warrior, Sekai for world, and so on… Now, what were you saying about the device?” asked Nayden, eying the device carefully.
“Oh, yeah, as I was saying, the device shut down and all the files in it were deleted–” John was interrupted yet again by Nayden who clenched her fists, slammed it on thin air, shouting: “FUDGE!!” with that, she left, stomping if you exaggerate. John wondered what Nayden knows about the device, but knew it’s best not to ask anyone when they are in a very bad mood. It was rare to see Nayden so angry, though.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Yoko was walking around outside when she saw a familiar face.
“Kage! Nice to see you!” greeted Yoko as she rushed to the witch’s daughter. Yoko then noticed someone besides Kage.
“Who’s this?” Yoko curiously asked.
“Aiko Kuroba at your service!” cheered the girl. Smoke then appeared out of thin air and voila! Many doves were perched on Yoko. Yoko was surprised but she stayed very still to not anger the birds.
“Don’t worry, they’re harmless! Oh yeah, have you seen, um, what was his name again?” asked Aiko.
“Clovis.” corrected Kage.
“Ah, yeah! This Clovis person.” said Aiko.
“Hospital. He fought a battle against someone who freakishly looks exactly like him. Well, the clone is under many cheese that fell from the sky, so we don’t know about the clone.” explained Yoko.
“Told you the cheese was dangerous.” said Kage as she nudged Aiko.
“Whatever… and now for my trick!” exclaimed Aiko. She whistled as many doves appeared on Aiko, covering her up entirely. Yoko and Kage then heard a snap of fingers and then the doves flew away, but no Aiko was found.
“She wants to be a magician like her father.” explained Kage.
“Oh.” said Yoko as she watched the doves fly by.


Okay! So I’ve done my homework, got the clothes I needed to wear tomorrow, let my laziness rule over me, write down the story, added Clovis, Nayden, John, and Yoko… so what else do you want me to do for crying out loud?! *sighs…* I’m soo tired. 11:10 PM already?! I gotta go. Bye!


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File 10: The School's Under Attack!

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:36 pm

File 10: The School's Under Attack!

I’m amazed how this turned out. I’m veery sleepy and I still made a decent file!


Nayden sighed as she slumped onto her seat and waited for the first activity of the day. Everyday was an endless routine. It felt like school is just a wall that blocks you from fun things you could do at home. Yet everyone in this room felt an uneasy feeling. But Nayden took the uneasy feeling as something unoriginal is going to happen. And something sure unoriginal DID happen…

Somebody broke the door open, to reveal people in black hoodies. Clovis wanted to bang his head onto the desk, THEM AGAIN?! Just then, one of the people charged towards Nayden! Nayden out of surprise climbed onto her desk, making the person hit the chair… hard. Nayden smirked as she pinned down the person, but she wasn’t expecting another person in those black hoodies to slam her onto London’s desk! Most of the girls in the room screamed in fright as more people in black hoodies appeared. Ah… wasn’t there a rule like no fighting or something? Well, we just need to bend it to self-defense, and… No time to think.

Tristan slid on the smooth floor to send of the black hoodie people’s tumbling. One of them landed on the other as they fell. Nashu took that chance to dog pile them, making ‘oof!’ noises throughout the class. Nayden then headed towards the girls and instructed them to hide, which they agreed immediately.

Akira and Haruki grabbed one of the person’s in the black hoodie’s arm. But the person was smart and back flipped, sending a kick towards the two friends. Clovis decided to take it from here as he punched the person on the chin, making him stumble back and hit Mr. Kurt’s wooden desk. Nayden huffed as she saw nobody’s battling her. As she noticed a black hoodie person was heading towards the hideout of the girls, Nayden took action and kicked that guy in the… um… yeah… The guy moaned as his knees touched the ground in pain. Nayden smirked as she punched the person in the stomach, making him unable to fight… for now.

Eric attempted to punch one of the people in the black hoodies, but the person dodged! Eric then began to run away as the person LIGHTLY kicked him. Nayden face palmed as she ran towards the person and smack him on the head. But then the black hoodie person grabbed her arm. Nayden felt this scenario before as she grabbed the arm that was grabbing her arm with the arm that was grabbed and began to twist it. The person tried to let go, but Nayden’s grip was too tight. So with his free hand, he tried to punch Nayden, but luckily John was there and grabbed his free arm. Nayden tried not to grin evilly as she punched the person VERY HARD. The person fell back and became unable to fight for awhile. Feeling her arm grew loose from the person’s grasp, Nayden freed her arm and began to look around.

Two people are unable to fight, two people are pinned to the ground, one of them unconscious on Mr. Kurt’s desk. Okay… But what Nayden didn’t noticed was another person in the black hoodie about to attack the girl’s hideout! Nayden flinched as she saw she would be unable to go to the girl’s hideout in time. Looking at the nearest person to there… that would be Chayan! Wait, why in the world isn’t he doing ANYTHING?!

Screams of girls were heard as the person reached their hideout. Nayden was GRATEFUL Karla and Alexandra was in there to stall them long enough for people to come to the hideout. Karla managed some punched, while Alexandra used the free space of fighting below for kicks.
“CHAYAN!! WHY WON’T YOU HURRY UP AND HELP THEM?!” shouted Nayden as she made her way towards the hideout.
“Because!! It’s funny!!” That’s the only response Nayden has received. Because Chayan was just standing there, doing nothing, Jacob was the first one to reach there and punch the person in the stomach, making a final blow. Everything was silent…

Nayden turned to Mr. Kurt, who was taking cover under his metal desk.
“You could of helped, you know.” stated Nayden.
“Yes, but we were having a lockdown.” explained Mr. Kurt. Nayden drooped.
“We were?” she squeaked. Mr. Kurt nodded as he stood up.
“Yes, and what was up with all the noise– woah!” Mr. Kurt can’t believe what he’s seeing. People in hoodies fainted on the ground.
“What did you think I was talking about when I said you could of helped?” asked Nayden. Mr. Kurt shook his head thoughtfully.
“We should call the police, though.” explained Jacob. Everyone nodded in agreement as Mr. Kurt made his way to call the police.

Just then, the air stilled as many more people in black hoodies appeared and took their fallen allies. Everybody tried their best to stop them, but no avail.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
As school come and went, Nayden couldn’t help smirking. She had fun fighting someone else for a change. Letting out a yawn, Nayden turned to her friend Clovis. They were in the bus.
“Did anybody saw who were the people in the lockdown? I did when they were escaping the school. Though I wonder why were they so injured.” said Rosa as she began to slurp the juice she ‘borrowed’ from Clovis.
“Seen? So?! Our class actually BATTLED them!” exclaimed John.
“Are you kidding us? Rosa said there were twelve of them.” explained Zero.
“Six of them battled, six of them retrieved the one’s who’s battled. Only the boys has battled so THAT has to count for SOMETHING!” said Clovis.
“But I battled them and I’m not a boy.” whined Nayden.
“Oh, yeah, you did, didn’t you? Well, so did Karla and Alexandra… but other than that all of the girls were screaming in the hideout.” explained Clovis.
“I was not screaming! I was… I was just hiding just like Nayden said, right Nayden?” asked Yoko.
“Yeah… I did said that.” said Nayden, recalling the memory.


Sowwy! I have to stop right here! I don’t want to make people read more than they can handle! … Even if this is so little. Well, I’m in a hurry, so goodbye!


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File 11: Field Trip Part 1

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:38 pm

File 11: Field Trip Part 1

Nayden REALLY wanted to bang her head onto the window. It was so tempting… why? Because of this dumb field trip! To be honest, Nayden loves field trips. Being out of school and all that. But this? Seriously people! Why is there a field trip in the middle of nowhere?! Well, Nayden couldn’t exactly call it nowhere, but anyways. They are in the grassland where John shot Deron. They were going to learn about some giant soccer ball and how it turned into a water storage.

Reaching to the place, Mr. Kurt instructed everyone to follow him and don’t get lost. Also, he said a few students from another school will be there too. To Nayden’s surprise, that school was the same school as JP’s! Nayden greeted JP with an energetic hi, but the only response she had was a roll of eyes of disgust. Puffing up her right cheek, Nayden left with a ‘hmph’!
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
“Master Unmei! Children are in the area!” reported a person with a black hoodie.
“Children, you say? Tsumi, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Unmei replied.
“This is no joke. It’s the class we attacked a couple of days before.” explained Tsumi.
“Um, Unmei-kohai, Tsumi-kun is right. Children are spotted in the area.” said another person with a black hoodie.
“In this deserted place? Meijin-senpai, are you proclaiming the impossibility?” asked Unmei.
“Um, but, really Unmei-kohai! Children! In our territory? Can I play with them?” asked Meijin.
“Yes, you can. But not in the way I want you to. Be rough, these guys are strong– wait, that gave me an idea! Who’s the stealthiest?” asked Unmei.
“In our group? I suppose Shizen-san, Seimei-san, and Tensai-san. But isn’t this also a perfect opportunity to try out Neko-san from your group? Maybe Kitsune-san should join her…” started Meijin.
“Woah, Meijin-senpai, too much answers. I suppose We’ll just send Shizen, Tensai, and Neko. Do plan 1412break” explained Unmei.
“Nice suggestion, Unmei-kohai!” chirped Meijin happily as Meijin dashed to the people in question.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Nayden watched as many people perched onto trees. She could climb up a tree if she wanted to, but she never really did in her life because it hurts the trees. She loves nature WAAY too much. Nayden then sniffed the air.
“Do you guys smell something?” asked Nayden as she sniffed the unfamiliar scent.
“Yeah, it smells soo good!” said Haruki as he jumped down from the tree. Akira, Jacob, and Karla followed him.
“Are you sure? It smells kinda weird.” said Nayden as she watched the four. Suddenly, her eyes drooped. Paying close attention, she saw everyone else’s closed. Everyone, including Nayden, then collapsed onto the ground, fast asleep. That strange smell… It was some sort of sleeping gas, wasn’t it?
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Waking up, everyone was also beginning to do so. Nayden jumped as she looked at her surroundings. They were in a forest near the soccer ball they were suppose to go to. She then heard Mitch saying there’s something in his pocket. By instinct, Nayden checked her pockets and saw that there too was something in her pocket.

A threat letter!
To be continued…


Yes, I know I ended the story very, veeeery soon. Gomen na sai everyone! You’re just gonna have to wait for part 2!! *GRINS VEERY EVILLY*

BTW, you’re going to sadly miss some parts. Since you PROBABLY don’t know me, I can’t give you the book with the comic for this. But luckily I will write the comic part on part 2, so yeah. Goodbye!


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Re: The World Is On Fire!

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