The World Is On Fire! Character Template

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The World Is On Fire! Character Template

Post  Chiyuko on 7/4/2011, 11:30 pm

[b]World:[/b] The World Is On Fire

World: Okay, since this is The World Is On Fire template, it's pretty logical you HAVE TO type down the world is on fire. Then again, I already added that ^^
Name: Name... I think that's self explainable.
Gender: Male, Female, Boy, Girl, Animal, Imaginary Person, Alien... Alien?! O.o
Age: How old is the character?
Job: A normal student, a doctor, Apart of the black hoodie people, etc.
Location: In a community or somewhere in the City Of Karugari?
Habits: Bad habbits, good habbits, etc. You can leave this part blank.
Skills: Special Techniques such as good artist. Skills can also include intelligence, photographic memory, etc. Type in none if your character has no skill O.o (I doubt it! ^^)
Power/Strength: An ability/item that aids you in fight. For example, an ability such as, I don't know, shoot fire out of your mouth. And item, such as a sword. Kind of important. KINDA.
Likes: Things (hobbies) that the character enjoys to do and/or just plain like it. For example, food, video games, reading, etc.
Dislikes: Things the character hates such as annoying people, salmon, I don't know. It can also be a fear like being afraid of heights.
Appearance: Hows does your character look like. You can add a descriptive description or just add an image.
Personality: How does your character act towards other people, towards certain people, towards animals, etc.
History: Does this character has a tragic past? If there isn't anything important, you can leave this blank.
Other: Any other information about your character that you want to tell us. Optional.


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