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Nayden Moegi

Post  Chiyuko on 7/4/2011, 11:43 pm

Name: Nayden Moegi
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Job: Normal 5th grader, wants to be an author though ^^
Location: Community (Sukaibyu)
Habits: She always gets new habits and they always fade within time.
Skills: Pretty good grades, in fighting she defends more than attack unless the opponent won't attack at all (Then she's just charge at the opponent ^^) She has a bad memory, but she is very good at remembering things that aren't really important.
Power/Strength: Normally she just fights with punches and kicks. Though she DOES have the ability to know everybody's presence, but she's still working on it.
Likes: NEARLY everything.
Dislikes: People who are annoying, Lessons that are WAY too boring (and that's saying something cause we're talking about Nayden here!), Nosy people (though that's a bit hypocritical because Nayden is quite nosy), Heartless jerks.
Appearance: Long black hair, dark brown eyes, generally in green clothes. When outside, she wears a cap and often a green vest.
Personality: Nayden is optimistic and cheery. Even when tired, she smiles genuinely. When there is bad news, she would often grin like an idiot. Nayden can be very sarcastic to annoying people and in the end would always outsmart them. Nayden blames her sarcasm at her brother; JP. Even when painfully injured, Nayden has a great poker face, smiles, and say that she's okay.
History: Not much known about Nayden. Oh yeah, and I want to make her background unknown! ^^
Other: I self approved this! Woot! ^^


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