List Of Nayden Moegi's imaginary friends

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List Of Nayden Moegi's imaginary friends

Post  Chiyuko on 7/4/2011, 11:51 pm

In case I need it for whatever reason there is:
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Name: Kari1412
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Job: Imaginary Friend, Magician, Prankster, Actress.
Location: Follows Nayden everywhere.
Habits: Disappears often.
Skills: Magic Tricks, Acting, high intelligence.
Power/Strength: The power of pranks!! xD
Likes: Friends, magic.
Dislikes: Clovis' imaginary friends, fishes.
Appearance: Messy long black hair, emerald green eyes, Forest green T-shirt and shorts, light green scarf.
Personality: Shy when exposed to new things, but is usually outgoing, brave, optimistic, and goes around the place like crazy.
History: ???
Other: A fun fact is that Kari always adds 1412 to her name.
--- --- ---
Name: Aykara
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Job: Imaginary Friend
Location: Often at home, sometimes follow Nayden
Habits: None
Skills: High intelligence, Photographic memory.
Power/Strength: Healing Powers
Likes: Sweets
Dislikes: Singing, fish, The Invisible Family.
Appearance: Wild short brown hair, Crystal blue eyes, light blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans.
Personality: Aykara is more of a timid type who likes to keep things to herself. When mad, though, she plays pranks that may or may not rival Kari's.
History: ???
Other: none
--- --- ---
Name: Kai
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Job: Imaginary Friend, fighter.
Location: Usually at home, but sometimes follow Kari (and Kari follows Nayden! ^^)
Habits: High temper
Skills: Swordmanship and karate.
Power/Strength: Can attack from the inside of a person's body.
Likes: Animals and people who ARE ACTUALLY USEFUL in life.
Dislikes: People who are a pain, people who brag, teasing, and many others.
Appearance: Spiky blonde hair, fiery red eyes, dark red long t-shirt and light red pants.
Personality: Because he hates life and has a high temper, people knew immediately it's best to leave him alone. Not much known about him, but sometimes he's quite a loner.
History: ???
Other: none.


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