Case Closed / Detective Conan Template

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Case Closed / Detective Conan Template

Post  Chiyuko on 15/5/2011, 10:39 pm

[b]World:[/b] Case Closed

World: =.=
Name: Self-Explanatory
Alias: Some sort of codename. For example, Jimmy/Shinichi Kudo's is Conan Edogawa. Kaito Kuroba's is Phantom Thief 1412/Kaitou KID. Shiho Miyano's is Sherry and/or Haibara Ai/Vi Greythorn/Anita Hailey. Gin's is well, Gin. xD
Age: How old.
Gender: Boy/Male or Girl/Female
Appearance: Description or picture.
Job: Student, criminal, detective, photographer, etc.
Skills: What is the character best at?
Likes: What does the character likes/enjoys?
Dislikes: Hates, fear...
History: What has happened in the past.
Other: Other stuffs you would like to add.


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