How to create a new world

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How to create a new world

Post  Chiyuko on 23/5/2011, 2:17 pm

Simple! Just post a new topic about how is the world going to be created. TEMPLATE TIME!!



World: What is the world? For example, a place you created such as 'The World Is On Fire!' or an anime/manga someone else created: 'Case Closed'.
Description: Tell us a description of the place. Examples:

The World Is On Fire!
What is happening to 'The World Is On Fire!'? We all know this place is crazy, but now it's getting crazier since you can change the way it's going to live on by editing it's files! |In other words, this is where you roleplay about WOF!|


Case Closed
Attack of the Black Organization! I know the anime is already interesting, but what happens if we mix it up?

In other words, you just got to put a description that is pretty much yelling THIS IS WHERE YOU RP.

Locations: Where are the places that is in the world? For example, Heatheran Sync School, The neighborhood, the mountains, in heaven, etc. Remember that you can add more anytime by just replying to your own topic.

Please Note! If you're making a world based off a story that YOU created, then you have to post the stories' chapters in the Story World at the VaultPass Agency's Writing Board.


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