Rules Into Not Getting Caught

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Rules Into Not Getting Caught

Post  Chiyuko on 8/4/2011, 8:17 pm

Rules are needed for you to not get any attention to yourself. You don't want to get caught on your mission, don't you? Anyhow, these are the rules:

No Spamming
Spamming causes WAY too much attention towards you. A security guard will right away catch you and ban you for a certain amount of time depending how much noise you caused. They want the land to be clean of junk, okay?

No Double Posting
In case you haven't noticed, you can always edit what you have just said. Double posting will be unfair to others who are competing in how much credit you can get for your job well done.

No Swearing
Swearing = gets you caught right away. The security guards has ears, you know.

Don't fight with other members
First of all, the security guard can hear noises of violence easy. Second is that fighting will ruin each other's mission. You are all agents, so why fight anyway when your goals are alike? (If it's fighting like for example, a battle between Nayden and Clovis, then that doesn't count because your aren't fighting the REAL user.)

If there are any problems, suggestions, or misunderstanding in the rules, then feel free to contact the leader of the secret agency named VaultPass! (Chiyuko)


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